The Darwin Town Trail

Welcome to Shrewsbury – the birthplace of Charles Robert Darwin naturalist, explorer and true Salopian.

Darwin was born at Mount House in Shrewsbury on 12th February 1809 and spent the first 27 years of his life in the town. Darwin’s early life inspired his fascination with the natural world leading to his theories of evolution. Much of Shrewsbury remains unchanged since Darwin’s time, indeed he would still recognise much of town. The Darwin Town Trail takes you to the significant places around the town that influenced a young Charles Darwin and helped shape him into one of the world’s most famous people.

Many of the points in the trail have been marked this year with special commemorative way-markers set into the pavement near the Darwin location. These way-markers have been kindly sponsored by Royal Mail who have also released special stamps to commemorate Darwin’s birth 200 years ago.

Please download The Darwin Town Trail by clicking here or on the preview below:

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1-2 minute Darwin videos are also available by scanning QR codes at The Bellstone, St. Chad’s Church, The Library and The Lion Hotel.